Paddy's Dreamland

Ms. Draw's cozy little safe space.


Welcome to Sublimity壮絶's website, also known as Paddy's Dreamland. Our community is focused on game development and serves as a hub for various developers.

Our current major project is making a fan-made sequel to Mirror's Edge Catalyst™, which takes place in the city of Aurora. Our current plans for the game are not yet confirmed, but are the following:

  • Multiplayer Roleplay
  • Unique City Layout
  • Prologue/Tutorial Mission
  • Playable Story Characters
  • Explorable Ground-Level

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Latest News

⌠ 04/27/2024 ⌡ Release of Paddy's Dreamland

And here we are, Sublimity壮絶 has its own website now, and the reason behind it is because I am now studying to become a software developer. I learned a bunch of things about website creation in the process, and decided, "yeah, let's create a website for Sublimity." I am still learning and will possibly finish the whole apprenticeship in the year 2027.

Why is the domain name "paddysdreamland.com"? The original domain "sublimity.com" is not in use, nor is it available, so I decided to roll with the domain I have for a years now. The entire website is still relatively simple. If there are issues, please let me know. Other than that, have fun.


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